Since its inception in 2004, RunAbout Cycles, Inc. has become a leader in the electric cycle industry, and has emerged as a competitor in the field of alternative energy. RunAbout Cycles, Inc. offers some of the highest quality electric cycles on the market today, specializing in battery powered adult tricycles, bicycles, and motorcycles. We are committed to advancing the alternative energies market through our unique brand of electric human hybrid technology, one of the most efficient, quiet, and clean energy solutions available today. Our years of experience and dedication to our products have earned us recognition as one of the prime manufacturers of electric powered personal vehicles.

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RunAbout Cycles, Inc. - History

Josh Kerson, the founder of RunAbout Cycles, Inc; spent sixteen years in the bicycle sales and service industry, closely observing two emerging trends - the growing popularity of recumbent bikes and trikes, and the proliferation of companies, both large and small, offering electric-assist systems for bicycles. He realized that a merger of these trends would offer a unique and promising business opportunity, and began constructing experimental electric cycle prototypes at the Lemelson Assistive Technology Development Center. Josh earned a degree in entrepreneurial business and appropriate vehicle design, from the University of Massachusetts at Amherst. With start up investments from family, friends, and faculty at UMass, in addition to a 2004 Harold Grinspoon Charitable Foundation Entrepreneurial award, Josh launched RunAbout Cycles, Inc; and began building some of the most advanced electric-human hybrids in the world.

RunAbout Cycles Leadership: We are committed to providing our clients with the quality of manufacture and service that one would expect from a market leader. We work diligently to ensure that our company stays on the cutting edge of the alternative energies market. It is our aim to evolve in response to the needs of our customers and the continual development of superior technologies. When you work with RunAbout Cycles, you will be assured of the attention to detail, the quality of customer support, and the unique access to the latest advancements in technology that are expected from a leader in the electric cycle industry.

RunAbout Cycles Teamwork: Our team will work closely with you to ensure that the electric cycles we design are tailored to meet your unique needs. Our teamwork has allowed us to create many high-quality specialty vehicles. Whether you are interested in purchasing one of our hybrid adult trikes, or would like us to custom design an electric cycle according to your specifications, our team will work with you to meet your alternative energy needs.

RunAbout Cycles Development: We’ve designed and created a prototype aerodynamic shell, which enables our trike to travel at speeds of twenty five miles per hour. In 2005, two of our electric assist tricycles rode to the summit of Mt. Washington -the highest peak in New Hampshire-and are the only electric cycles ever to do so. Our electric cycles have placed well in the 2005 Tour de Sol, traveling 62 miles in three hours on one kilowatt of energy.

Solar Store opening 06

RunAbout Cycles, Inc. at the Putney Vermont Solar Store grand opening, October, 2006.

RunAbout Cycles Customer Relations: Our highest priority is satisfied customers. We are dedicated to producing high-quality electric cycles that will take you wherever you need to go, whether your destination is the store, your workplace, or off the beaten path. When you purchase one of our electric cycles, you become a member of RunAbout Cycles' extended family. As a member of our family, you will receive superior service on all of our energy efficient and environmentally clean vehicles.

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