RunAbout Cycles, Inc. offers a full range of services for your electric cycle needs. We design and build Electric Human Hybrid Tricycles, that are efficient, and environmentally friendly. Ask us how we can modify your mountain bike or recumbent bike with our RunAbout Cycles' Electric Assist System. We enable our riders additional power to carry a heavy load, to climb hills, and to go longer distances.

We welcome your requests to custom build your ideal electric cycle !

 We offer tune-ups for bicycles, and maintenance for electric bikes, and trikes.

 Please give us a call in Fort Collins, Colorado at 970-493-4541.

We look forward to getting you on the road !


Custom modification: Rans Stratus XP recumbent bike. We set it up with our electronic assist, and a Windwrap front fairing. Forty amp hour lithium ion batteries from Valence Technologies, provide for over a fifty five mile range per charge. This electric assist provides the client with three times the industry standard for range on motor alone.



BikeE conversion: The customer supplied the bike, and we sourced a Currie motor and the tubular Ni Mh batteries. Some fabrication was involved. Total turnaround time was approximately seven days.

Bill Darby upgrade1

Custom Modification- Solar Electric: This Bill Darby Designs Nomad tadpole-style trike was adapted with a Currie motor kit, parking brake, solar charging kit and single-sided controls. The customer uses this bike as her only form of transportation, and the solar-charging kit helps her to live off the grid.


Hase Trike Conversion :


2006_RACphotos 084

Mountain Bike Conversion