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Valence Batteries

Saphion® technology combines the power of Lithium-ion with the safety of phosphates making it a superior alternative to traditional Lead-acid.


 The advantages of Saphion® Lithium-ion technology  Saphion® technology utilizes a phosphate-based cathode material in place of the metal-oxide materials typically used in Lithium-ion solutions. Saphion® technology is chemically and thermally stable, enabling the creation of safe, large format battery solutions like the U-Charge® system. And, it offers the energy density advantages of Lithium-ion technology. The U-Charge® system: A high quality product of considerable value. U-Charge® Power System Features Superior performance over Lead-acid batteries 

  • 33% lighter with twice the run-time
  • Longer shelf life and faster recharge time
  • Smart battery monitoring and internal cell balancing
  • No Lead-acid leaks

Saphion®Lithium-ion technology

  • Intrinsic phosphate safety that protects against abusive situations.
  • Environmentally friendly, no heavy metals or disposal issues.
  • High energy efficiency with no memory effect.
  • Lower lifetime costs due to low maintenance and high cycle life.