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RunAbout Cycles Spincycle, Electric- assist 750Watts
Electric tricycles zip around, snomotriker skips across lake on skis, shop shots and more!

Solar charged Electric tricycle rides around town
Runabout cycles demos a new 08. This 24 volt electric assist pedal trike uses a cyclone 500 watt center drive motor system to climb hills, carry a cargo, and go fast! Dual disc Brakes and front suspension keep it safe.

2008 Spincycle, Polution Solution Number 15 RAC
Polution Solution, number 15, our Solar charged electric human hybrid, the 2008 Spincycle, Zips around from town to town, showing the abilities, and ease of use.

Snow Driftin, Road Trippin, Runabout cycles 08
High powered electric tricycle rips it up in a closed petro station, heads west, and wins an Electric bike race at Barona Speedway, Cali. Skiing, Crater, pictures, tunes and more...