RunAbout Cycles

 RunAbout Cycles, Inc is now located in Fort Collins, Colorado where we produce our signature electric assist SpinCycle Trikes. Each handmade tricycle, is custom made and crafted for each individual client! Additionally we do custom modifications on traditional mountain bikes, recumbent bikes, and cargo bikes. Call us today to learn how you can join the electric revolution!

 We specialize in green local transportation options, and are developing new vehicles that are utilitarian focused, with hill climbing, and load carrying capabilities. We utilize cutting edge lightweight lithium ion batteries, smart chargers, and brushless motors for the most efficient hand crafted vehicles available today. Come by and try our zero emissions, solar charged electric-human-hybrid trikes and bikes, on some of the friendliest cycling streets in America. Peace, Josh K.

E rides Orange trike Alt wheels 3

RunAbout Cycles has been building electric cycles and serving the alternative transportation community since 2004. We specialize in crafting Electric Human Hybrid Tricycles. We offer quality support for a wide range of electric cycles, including electric tricycles, bicycles and motorcycles.

We are highly skilled at fabrication, welding, and bicycle and electric technology, and our many years experience gives us the ability to work with you to create an electric bike prototype for your company.

“SpinCycle” Electric Recumbent Trike by RunAbout Cycles, Inc. Featured in Electric Bikes World Wide Report 2004-2009.

RunAbout Cycles’ recumbent Electric Human Hybrid Tricycles are fun, healthy, and environmentally friendly. With our electric-assist, you can ride wherever you need to go, be it to the store, to work, or into the country, with a range of up to forty miles, on battery alone.

Whether you are interested in purchasing one of RunAbout Cycles’ quality hybrid tricycles, would like an electric assist added to your own bicycle, or have a custom electric cycle in mind, we have what you need.  
 RunAbout Cycles, we are dedicated to meeting the varied needs of our clientele, and providing clean, safe, and efficient alternatives to traditional gas powered vehicles.  We aim to provide you with courteous, professional service of the highest quality.

Please browse our site for more information about our company, services, and products and if you have any questions, or would like to speak with RunAbout Cycles Inc; regarding our electric cycles, please phone us at : 970-493-4541