RunAbout Cycles - Electric- Human- Hybrid -Tricycle Specifications

Our Custom Electric-Assist Tricycles Come Equipped With:

  • Tadpole-style frame constructed of 4130 chro-moly steel
  • Full Ackermann side-handle bar steering
  • Shimano 8 cog Mega-Range Cassette with Sram X-7 8 speed twist-grip shifter
  • Cyclone 500 Watt Mid Drive Motor systemsdsc00099-6
  • Adjustable Seat and pedal Boom
  • Individual Left and Right cable activated Front Disc Brakes
  • 20” Sun Rhyno-Lite wheels; 20 mm through hubs up front
  • Cycle Analyst Battery Fuel Meter
  • Soniel 24 volt 5-6 Amp Charger

Options Include:

  • Valence U1 12v 40 amp-hour Lithium Ion batteries
  • SunLight 6V rechargable Headlight
  • K2 Peak energy 30-40 Amp Hour Batteries
  • LifeBatt Lithium Iron Phosphate 30 Amp Hour Batteries
  • Windwrap Windshields / Fairing
  • Velo-Kit Removable Weather Protection
  • 150 Watt Solar charging Station

  RunAbout Cycles Custom Modifications

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